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hahhahahaha. sophia and i were talking about old days.

so i started riding at oxbow at the end of 5th grade. i can't believe i have been there for so long. it baffles me.

so then we started talking about all of the weird names we had.

i had SO many nicknames.

-sludgy mudgy gilbert
-sludge bucket
-lil lyn lyn

other people were:
-christalinee aguilera
-fat boi
-bubba bob buttkins (or something like that)


and also, it kind of upsets me that i am the only person still at oxbow from the original group of us (me, mike, christina argueta, christina garafola, and i think thats it? dom was part of it shortly after, but she wasnt there for a lot of it). and so now, i'm thinking of all of these really ridiculous things but i have no one to talk about them to. i could talk to mike but he's not online. i am an oxbow trooper.
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