Sophia (saipho) wrote in oxbowstables,

i am so bored so i've started mine...

oxbow reminder:

i know everyone is aware of the presentations coming up on the 18th, but i want to give you all a realistic persepective of when it's going to be.
it'll be in exactly 17 days, which means if you haven't begun your researching/writing, it's time to start.
here are some suggestions i have for all of you:
make sure your posters have HUGE print and are colorful and the pictures are big. having things big and clear is very important because often times you get old lady judges who can't see and if you don't have big print and big pictures they get confused and take off points.
also, try to memorize you project and practice speaking loudly.

if anyone has any questions i'm sure you can leave a comment or im one of us later on.
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