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HEY OXBOW PEOPLE... i know the majority of you guys are on my friendslist... but here just as a "record"
these pictures are from halloween!!!!!!

me dressing up surprise as dorothy. note the single red "shoe" on her hoof

this is me being toto and surprise being dorothy

lynsey being the "goodwitch" (who is pink, but we decided she'd be blue) with surprise

this is when surprise got really scared of oreo, and look at her face, she's so surprised/scared

lora and nevada as "willy wonka and his wonka bar"

everyone in the indoor, megan is closest with dylan as "nemo"

oreo, heather, and dara, something harry potter...

riker, jessica, and ashley, harry potter again... riker is dumbledore... hahaha

dom being REALLY awesome as sally and merlin as zero

sage, josette, and kye as wendy, tinkerbell, and peter pan

lora and yankee as wendy and peter... yankee looks so frisky here. hahaah.

ali and pepper, pepper was the sorting hat, you can't see the hat, but it was on his back.

ashley as the wicked witch (she used the broadway name... but i can't remember it) and nicky as the scarecrow

catie and maci as aladdin

lexi as the scarecrow and rosie as the lion

this was a good one, gabby and charlie as pirates

megan and dylan as nemo

ashley d, mahala, and RICHARD :(, as batman

maribeth and guiseppe (last minute thing, her face is like lightly smeared green) as shrek and... donkey...

best is for last, amanda and jim as harry potter and his broom

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